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Guinea-Bissau cashew nut export market will become an opportunity for exports
Release time:2023-07-18
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The first member of the Board of Directors of the Guinea-Bissau National Cashew Agency (ANCA-GB), Mustafá Seide Bari, said in an interview with the Nô Pintcha newspaper that the government of Guinea-Bissau has asked the Beijing authorities to open its market for the acquisition of Guinea-Bissau cashew nuts requested.

He emphasised that the Chinese government has sent questionnaires to the Bissau authorities to answer in Mandarin language, which are currently being translated at the Guinea-Bissau Embassy in Beijing and will be sent to the customs authorities of that country.

“The quality of Guinea-Bissau cashew nuts is natural and unique in the world, because its orchards do not contain chemicals,” he said, adding that the Guinean kernel has a natural flavour and is healthier.

(Source: Nô Pintcha newspaper)