Chinese television channel records a report on football in Taboão da Serra

In World Cup year, eyes always turn to the Brazilian National Team, the greatest cup winner in history. In this context, CGNT America, a Chinese broadcaster, arrived in Taboão da Serra to understand how Brazil’s success arises.

The television channel credits the success of Brazilian football to the easy access that people of different ages have to the sport. In Taboão da Serra, this is due to the Secretariat of Sports and Leisure (SEMEL), which democratizes various practices of the genre.

According to the secretary of SEMEL, Olívio Nóbrega, the promotion of free and quality sports is a concern of the municipal government. The government works to allow sports practices to be part of the reality of Taboanenses through the reform of fields and courts, not to mention the creation of amateur championships.

(Source: Taboão em foco)