Chinese multinational HT-SAAE starts operations in Brazil

The Chinese multinational HT-SAAE, which belongs to CASC, has announced its entry into the Brazilian photovoltaic market and the hiring of Fábio Furtado, a solar energy specialist from Brazil, as an ambassador to act in the development of the brand’s operations in Brazil.

According to the company, the coming to Brazil aims to further expand the photovoltaic market in the country, presenting a solar technology developed since 1960 by the company that was initially focused on China’s satellite program.

Today, HT SAAE has more than 20 factories and 108 commercial centers around the world. In Brazil, the company already has more than 100 MW installed in small, medium and large plants, with renowned customers, such as HCC, which has been importing modules from the manufacturer since 2019.

(Source: Canal Solar)