Ceará will start exporting marble and granite to China in 2023

The president of the Ceará Marble and Granite Industry Union (Simagran), Carlos Rubens Alencar announced that, in the first quarter of 2023, Ceará will start exporting marble and granite to China. This will be possible thanks to the understanding that the export trading companies maintain with the shipping companies, arranging a monthly ship to transport this cargo to the Chinese market.

There are currently 20 Brazilian states that export ornamental stones to 138 countries on five continents. Ceará is the third exporter of these materials in Brazil and will export 65.6 thousand tons of stones this year, almost triple what it exported in 2018.

The United States is the main destination for Brazilian marble and granite, importing US$ 838 million last year; followed by China (US$ 153 million) and Italy (US$ 86 million).

(Source: Brazilian news site “Terra”)