Zhejiang Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce made donations to needy Brazilian children

Brazil’s Children’s Day is celebrated on the 12th of October. On the 10th, the Zhejiang Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce visited the Instituto Protector dos Pobres e Crianças Abrigo Maria Imaculada (IPPCAMI) located in the west of Rio de Janeiro, where it donated 110 boxes of food and toys for children in need.

“We have lived and worked here in Brazil for a long time. So, it is our duty to help in every way possible. It is our duty, together with Brazilians, to help the country progress. The pandemic was a very difficult experience for the communities, that’s why we donated toys and food for the children,”commented Zheng Xiamao, president of the Zhejiang Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce.

According to the director of the institute’s daycare center, Thaynara Silva, this is the first time that the institute has received a donation from a Chinese group abroad.