Zhejiang Agricultural Export Online Fair boosts agricultural exports to the Americas

Zhejiang Agricultural Export Online Fair 2022 (Americas) kicked off on November 16 in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, attracting participants from countries and regions including Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Dominica to join the event via a cloud connection.

More than 60 import and export companies in Zhejiang were arranged to set up shop in the online exhibition hall, and conducted business negotiations and consultations with more than 80 international buyers, mainly from the Americas.

In his online speech, the representative of Brazil highlighted that the Brazilian government attaches great importance to agricultural trade and established a series of preferential measures to facilitate the export of agricultural products. It is hoped that China and Brazil can jointly promote green agriculture and livestock transformation through innovative technological cooperation, promoting trade diversification and the high-quality development of these sectors.

(Fonte: China News Service)