Young Mozambicans exchange experiences at the 7th China-Africa Youth Festival

Young people from 49 countries on the African continent, including Mozambique, exchange experiences at the 7th China-Africa Youth Festival, which runs until the 23rd of April in China and whose opening ceremony took place on the 18th of April in Beijing.

“The Chinese government has issued an invitation to young Mozambicans. The Mozambican Youth Organization (OJM), an organization that brings together several young people, had to come and represent Mozambican youth at this festival. We want to learn from China in terms of technology and more,” said Patrícia Lopes, National Secretary for the Area of Cooperation and Development of OJM.

In addition to reflecting on various topics, the young Mozambicans had the opportunity to visit monuments and learn about ancient Chinese culture, including a guided tour of the Great Wall of China. The activities were carried out with the aim of getting to know Chinese culture up close and allowing young people from different African countries to exchange experiences.

(Source: Jornal Notícias)