Xiaomi performs action with Chinese content producer for brand in Brazil

To enhance Xiaomi’s operation in Brazil, the brand, third largest smartphone manufacturer in the world, promoted activation at the company’s headquarters in Beijing, China, with the influencer “Luana in Beijing”. Despite residing in Asian lands, all KOL’s content is towards the Brazilian public.

With a perfect Portuguese, Luana had the challenge of answering questions and participating in games with various dynamics, dealing with curiosities of the performance of the brand of millions of fans in Brazilian lands. How many Xiaomi stores are there in Brazil? Which are the top-selling products in Brazil? These were some of the questions answered by the Chinese.

“The action aimed to give visibility for this operation. Institutional information and the product mix in addition to curiosities were the main points addressed in a light and relaxed way for the public that is already a fan of the brand or who wants to know a little better the proposal and portfolio of Xiaomi,” says Thiago Araripe, marketing manager of Xiaomi in Brazil.

(Source: Drop de jogos)