Xiaomi opens shop in Rio de Janeiro, its third in Brazil

Chinese maker of mobile phones Xiaomi Corp. has opened its third shop in Brazil, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the Xinhua Silk Road website reports.

The Chinese state-run news website says Xiaomi opened the new shop last week, and means to open its fourth Brazilian outlet, also in Rio de Janeiro, in November.

The report quotes a Xiaomi executive, Luciano Barbosa, as saying the shops will allow consumers to try out the various devices his company makes.

Only two brands of smartphone sell better in Brazil than the Xiaomi brand, and no brand of consumer goods of any sort shows faster growth in sales there, according to the Xinhua Silk Road website.

Last month Xiaomi announced that it would open five new shops in Brazil, including one each in the cities of Curitiba, Salvador da Bahia and São Paulo.