Water desalination system in Brazil built by a Chinese company will benefit 3,000 people

The project in João Câmara capable of desalinating 80 thousand liters of water per day, was officially handed over to the government of Rio Grande do Norte on the 16th of February. The equipment is expected to benefit more than 800 families and 3,000 people with access to drinking water.

In João Câmara, the climate is semi-arid, and the groundwater is bitter and unfit for consumption because it contains a high level of salt. Local residents have been suffering from a severe potable water shortage.

The desalination system was built by the Chinese state-owned State Grid in partnership with the CPFL Energia group, with an investment of 8 million reais. Work began in August last year and was completed in December. The project comprises an intelligent water supply system and a solar energy system, with a capacity of 50 KW.

(Source: G1)