Vice-ministers discuss greater Sino-Brazilian cooperation

The China-Brazil High-level Coordination and Cooperation Committee Political Subcommittee has met for the fifth time to talk about how to increase Sino-Brazilian collaboration, the Chinese Foreign Ministry says.

Chinese Vice-minister of Foreign Affairs Ma Zhaoxu and Brazilian Deputy Foreign Minister Márcia Donner Abreu attended the meeting, held on Monday, according to a written statement issued by Mr Ma’s ministry the next day.

The statement quotes Mr Ma as saying that since the fourth meeting of the subcommittee, in 2019, China and Brazil have kept up exchanges at a high level, good communication, and coordination in many areas.

Mr Ma said China and Brazil should further promote development in depth of their comprehensive strategic partnership.

Brazil attaches great importance to developing its relationship with China, and is willing to drive Sino-Brazilian cooperation to a higher level, and to further strengthen the comprehensive strategic partnership, the Chinese Foreign Ministry quotes Ms Abreu as saying.