UNICOBA presents innovative storage solutions for 4D energy at Intersolar 2022

UNICOBA, a manufacturer of batteries and energy storage solutions, took its new products to Intersolar South America 2022. The Chinese Shenzhen Center Power Tech.Co.,Ltd. is the largest shareholder of UNICOBA.

The company’s main attraction will be the line of customized solutions to support the so-called 4D energy (decentralized, decarbonized, diversified and digital), which supports the energy transition in various on-grid and off-grid applications. UNICOBA also has off-grid storage technologies that have brought energy to thousands of families in remote areas of Brazil.

Founded in 1973, UNICOBA is one of Brazil’s largest energy solutions companies. Headquartered in São Paulo, the company has two industrial plants in Brazil, located in Manaus and Extrema, and two offices in Asia in Shenzhen and Seoul.