TVT airs programs about Chinese art, culture and history

Starting the 23rd of February, TVT will air a series of Chinese educational programs and documentaries. The productions contemplate the art, poetry and history of the Asian giant from a foreign perspective. The content will be shown on open TV channel 44.1 and also on TVT YouTube channel.

TVT displays two materials. The first is the series “100 Years: The impressions of China in foreign eyes”. In all, there are eight episodes of up to eight minutes each. In this premiere, the theme is “Living in a smart city.” There is talk about the strengthening and positive impact of new smart city technologies in Zhejiang province.

The second piece of content is the sequel, “The Shangshan of 10,000 Years”. There are two chapters that present in detail the history of archaeological research in China. Highlights include the millennial work of stone sculpture and discoveries about rice cultivation.

(Source: Rede Brasil Atual)