Trina Solar announces the installation of solar energy trackers in Bahia do Brasil

Trina Tracker, a subsidiary of the Chinese company Trina Solar, revealed on the 29th of August, its plan to install a solar tracker factory in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. These trackers are pieces of equipment that monitor the movement of the sun throughout the day, increasing the efficiency of energy generation from photovoltaic panels.

Brazil becomes the second country to host a Trina factory outside of China. The new facility in Bahia is expected to begin operating in the last quarter of this year.

Initially, the factory will have the capacity to produce 2.5 GW of solar trackers; however, this capacity can be expanded in response to demand. With this initiative, the company’s total solar tracker production capacity will increase by 33%, from 7.5 GW to 10 GW annually.

(Source: Click Petróleo e Gás)