Timorese attends Chinese-run conference on aquaculture

Timor-Leste was among over 120 countries represented at a conference online about the development of aquaculture, which was conducted from the eastern Chinese city of Shanghai, the Chinese Embassy in Díli says.

A representative of the Timorese Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries attended the conference, which began last Wednesday and ended last Saturday, according to a written statement issued by the embassy.

Those attending took part in seminars on opportunities and challenges around the world, and discussed how aquaculture will develop in the next 10 years, the embassy says.

Its statement quotes UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Director-General Qu Dongyu as calling for innovative, fair, inclusive and sustainable development of aquaculture in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

The FAO and the inter-governmental Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia–Pacific jointly arranged the conference, with the support of the Chinese government, the Chinese embassy in Díli says.