The online meeting on Chinese and Brazilian children’s literature is successfully held

The Childhood without Borders Virtual Dialogue: Children’s literature and the exchanges between Brazil and China were held on Wednesday and the event was organized by the Chinese Consulate General in São Paulo, the Academia Paulista de Letras, the Shanghai Writers Association, and the Confucius Institute of UNESP.

Important authors from China and Brazil, including Yin Jianling, Qin Wenjun, Mauricio de Sousa, Gabriel Chalita, and Ilan Brenman, attended the conference to discuss the role that children’s literature plays in fostering the relationship between the two countries and in creating a community with a shared future for humanity.

Mauricio de Sousa, who won the 2011 Bing Xin Children’s Literature Award, is famous in both countries. During the activity, he expressed his interest in re-publishing works in China and in reinforcing the exchange between writers of the two countries.