The international conference “Chinese Economy and China’s Dual Strategy” takes place in Portugal

On the 17th of November, the international conference “Chinese Economy and China’s Dual Strategy” was held, jointly organized by the Friends of the New Silk Road, Shandong University of Finance and Economics (SDUFE), and ISEG. The session took place online and offline at ISEG’s CGD Auditorium.

Zhao Zhongxiu, Dean of SDUFE, presented his research results at the meeting, noting that there is generally a significant two-way facilitation effect between the domestic and international cycles.

China’s new “dual circulation” economic development paradigm is already underway, which will deepen China’s supply-side structural reform, innovate its modes of production to provide high-quality products and services, and strive to become a strong magnet for global resources and inputs. In a mutually reinforcing synergy, it will promote the coordinated development of internal and external demand, imports and exports, internal and external investment.

(Source: Lisbon School of Economics and Management)