The clinical gene amplification laboratory of the Sino-Guinean Friendship Hospital is inaugurated

On the 22nd of March, the Major General of the Armed Forces of Guinea-Bissau, General Biaguê Na N’Tan and the Chinese Ambassador to Guinea-Bissau, Guo Ce, inaugurated the clinical gene amplification laboratory of the Sino-Guinean Friendship hospital. 

The inaugurated laboratory is the first of this kind in the country. According to the officials, it will start operating in two weeks, and will allow the rapid detection of viral nucleic acids such as Covid-19, dengue virus, monkeypox virus and mycoplasma pneumonia, and will provide more accurate detection data and improve the hospital’s laboratory.

The ceremony was marked by the signing of the agreement for the donation of medical equipment and medicines, between the head of the Chinese medical team, Zhang Yingbo and the hospital’s general director, Lieutenant Colonel Romão Cunda. The range of medicines and equipment offered to the military hospital and the regional hospital of Canchungo includes antibiotics, antimalarials, diabetes medicines, vital sign monitor, high-definition electronic endoscope and CT scan film with laser printing. 

(Source: O Democrata)