TCL Mobile announces smartphone manufacturing in Brazil

The Chinese company TCL Technology Group Corporation announced on December 6th the start of manufacturing the brand’s smartphones in Brazil. The Chinese company established a partnership with the Brazilian electronics producer, GBR Componentes, which will be responsible for producing the brand’s mobile phones in Manaus.

The GBR factory can produce more than 70 thousand devices per month, and TCL forecasts that it will produce more than 800 thousand smartphones in 2023.

Alex Cao, TCL’s Country Manager in Brazil, states that Brazil is one of the world’s largest technology and mobility markets and places the country as fundamental to the company’s global growth.

The CEO of GBR, Kiko Garcia, praises having already worked with TCL in the past and is confident in offering services to it in this new phase, noting that today the company has even greater know-how to meet the demand of TCL with quality.

(Source: Mundo Conectado)