Taishan signs a friendship and cooperation memorandum with São José dos Campos

The Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Friendship and Cooperation between Taishan and São José dos Campos was held on the 17th of February, in a virtual way. The agreement aims to enhance technological, tourist, cultural and sports exchange programs.

The Consul General of China in São Paulo, Chen Peijie, congratulated her in her video speech and pointed out that despite the distance between Taishan and São José dos Campos, the two cities share similar ideals of development and have great potential for cooperation.

The president of the Brazilian city, Anderson Farias, referred that thanks to the similar geographic and economic characteristics, the signing of the memorandum will allow cities to integrate public policies and activities, which will contribute significantly to the social and economic development of both parties.

According to Taishan President Zheng Jinlong, there are more than 76,000 Taishan residents in Brazil. The signing of the memorandum will undoubtedly consolidate the friendship between the residents of the two cities, also enhancing exchange and cooperation in various areas.

(Source: Spriomais)