Student-run China Week in Brasília in full swing

China Week in Brasília is halfway through its eight days of lectures and films, given or shown free of charge online, according to the programme made public by the organisers, who are students of international relations at the University Center of Brasília, assisted by the Chinese Embassy in Brasília.

On the programme today is lecture on the Chinese political system, with contributions by a Chinese diplomat in Brasília, Wang Jie, and a noted Brazilian academic researcher, Paulo Menechelli.

Tomorrow another Chinese diplomat, Shu Jianping, and a Brazilian student at Hubei University in central China, Wagner Lacerda Dantas, will give a lecture on studying in China.

On Saturday Liao Si and Lucas Brandt, the founders of Pula Muralha, which gives Brazilians online classes in Chinese, will talk about young people in China.

China Week in Brasília will end this Sunday, the programme indicates.