State Grid provides maintenance for a 800 kV energized line in Brazil

This month, the Operation and Maintenance (O&M) team of State Grid provided an unprecedented maintenance service in a stretch of the Xingu Rio Transmissora de Energia (XRTE), which connects Xingu (PA) to Paracambi (RJ) and is considered as the largest ultra-high-voltage direct current (800kV) transmission line in the world.

Although the maintenance in energized line is an old and established practice among the electric energy transmission and distribution companies, its execution in the class of 800kV is unprecedented in the Americas. Normally, this service is executed with the line disconnected.

According to the Chinese multinacional company, the action brings positive impacts both for the operation of the line and for the National Integrated Electric Energy System (SIN). This is because it enables the execution of maintenance on conductor cables, hardware, insulator strings without having to shut down the assets.

(Source: Canal Energia)