Southern Chinese speciality to be exported to Portugal

Guangxi Luobawang Food Co. Ltd of China aims to start soon exports to Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands of packaged snail rice noodles, a speciality of the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou, the Liuzhou Daily reports, quoting the manager in charge of sales abroad, Chen Zihao.

The newspaper quotes Mr Chen as saying his company has already begun this year exporting snail rice noodles to Singapore, Germany and Italy.

The report quotes a customs official, Wu Chunlan, as saying Liuzhou exported snail rice noodles worth over 30 million yuan (about US$4.6 million) last year, 35 times more than the year before.

Liuzhou packaged snail rice noodles were exported to 14 different parts of the world last year, including, for the first time, Argentina, Russia and Africa, the report says.

The spurt of growth in exports began last March, despite the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Liuzhou Daily quotes Mr Wu as saying.