Sino-Ord to export ceramic products to neighbours of Angola

Chinese-owned Complexo Industrial Sino-Ord of Angola will begin next year exporting ceramic mosaics and tiles to other parts of Africa, Jornal de Angola reports, quoting Sino-Ord Executive Director Vivaldo Ramos.

Sino-Ord has two deals with Zambian and Zimbabwean wholesalers, is negotiating others with Namibian importers, and means to open an office in South Africa next year, according to a report in the newspaper last Friday.

Mr Ramos said Sino-Ord has this year increased its daily production capacity by over 70 per cent to 40,000 boxes of mosaics and 42,000 boxes of tiles.

Sino-Ord has invested about US$50 million in setting up a manufacturing complex covering 400 hectares, which employs about 2,000 people to make ceramics, enamelled products and cardboard, Jornal de Angola says.