Sino-EU protected designation of origin agreement signed

Representatives of the European Union and China have signed a protected designation of origin agreement which covers food and drink, the European Commission says.

The commission issued a written announcement saying the European Parliament must ratify the agreement before it can come into effect, which is expected to happen early next year.

The commission says the agreement covers five types of Portuguese wine – Alentejo, Dão, Douro, port and Vinho Verde – and the Pêra-Rocha, a Portuguese variety of pear.

The agreement protects 100 sorts of Chinese product, including the Pu’er and other varieties of tea, and spirits such as Maotai, the commission says.

The agreement strengthens the Sino-EU trading relationship, benefits businesses in the European Union and is good for consumers in Europe and China alike, the European Commission announcement quotes EU Agriculture and Rural Development Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski as saying.