Sino-Brazilian satellite to launch on December 7

The teams from the National Institute for Space Research of Brazil and the China Academy of Space Technology are making final preparations for the launch of the fifth satellite in the CBERS programme, according to official information quoted by online news portal Macauhub.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of Brazil said in a statement that the CBERS-4 satellite, the fifth in the series, had already been installed and would now go to the launch tower and be coupled to other components of the Long March 4G rocket. The latter, with its payload, will be launched into space from the Taiyuan space centre on December 7.

CBERS-4 (China-Brazil Earth Resources Satellite) is the fifth satellite in the programme.

According to official information CBERS-1 (1999), CBERS-2 (2003) and CBERS-2B (2007) were successfully launched. In December 2013, a fault in the Chinese rocket prevented the launch of CBERS-3.