Sino-Angolan venture investing US$28 mln in growing cassava

Luckyman Angola Desenvolvimento Lda Executive President Paulo Xiong has said his company is investing US$28 million in planting 3,000 hectares in northern Angola with cassava, says Angop reports.

The Angolan state-run news agency quotes Mr Xiong as saying during a visit to the 100,000 hectares that the Sino-Angolan joint venture farms in Cahombo, in the province of Malanje, that the cassava project is experimental.

The report quotes Mr Xiong as saying his company is also experimenting with planting 800 hectares with rice.

He said Luckyman Angola intended to invest next year in aquaculture, and in raising 400,000 pigs with a view to producing about 48 tonnes of pork and pork sausages a day.

Luckyman Angola began farming in Cahombo two years ago, growing maize and fruit, Angop says.