Sina Weibo to boost following of Portuguese football XI

The Portuguese Football Federation, or FPF, and a Chinese social medium, Sina Weibo, have reached agreement on giving the Portuguese national football team greater publicity, the federation says.

Sina Weibo will promote exclusive and original content about the Portuguese side among the growing number of Chinese fans of the team, according to a written statement issued by the FPF last week.

The statement quotes Zhan Sheng, an executive of Sina Weibo subsidiary Sina Sports, as saying the agreement is the company’s first with a national football association.

The Portuguese national team has over 3 million followers on Sina Weibo and draws another 30,000 each month, on average, meaning its following is the fastest-growing among national sides on Sina Weibo.

The FPF hopes to inspire a new generation of Chinese footballers, its statement quotes an executive o the federation, Nuno Moura, as saying.