Ship loaded with BYD and GWM electric cars arrives in Brazil

A Chinese cargo ship will dock on the 29th of August at the Port of Vila Velha, in Espírito Santo, loaded with Chinese electric and hybrid vehicles. The 2,700 models on board are from automakers BYD and GWM.

According to the Tribuna Online website, most of the cargo is destined for the state of São Paulo, however, as well as other regions of Brazil.

Coming from China, the ship Green Kemi left the port of Taicang, on the 18th of July. Measuring 225 m in length and 33 m in beam (width), the Green Kemi brings with it a load of vehicles from the brands GWM and BYD, exclusively.

Composing the so-called “new green fleet” of the China Ocean Shipping Company (Cosco), Green Kemi emits less CO2 than other vehicles that perform the same service, reducing the carbon footprint.

(Source: Jornal do Carro)