Shein will start producing clothes in Brazil in July

The Chinese e-commerce multinational Shein will start producing clothing items in Brazil in July. Production will take place at a factory owned by the Brazilian company Coteminas, which signed an agreement with Shein in May, in the municipality of Macaíba, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. Production will begin mainly with denim products in general and cotton knits.

The President of Coteminas, Josué Gomes, met on the 29th of June with the President of Brazil, Lula da Silva, Governor Fátima Bezerra and the head of Shein in Latin America, Marcelo Claure, to finalize the agreement.

The executive explained that Shein will form partnerships with Brazilian manufacturers in different states to produce different parts that will be sold by the digital commerce company. The plan is to have 2,000 factories.

(Source: People’s Daily)