Shein announces that he will manufacture clothes in Brazil and plans to invest BRL 750 million

Chinese fashion retailer Shein announced on April 20 that it will start manufacturing its clothes in Brazil, in an investment that could generate 100,000 jobs in three years. Initially, it should spend R$ 750 million to provide technology and training to Brazilian textile manufacturers to adapt their models to Shein’s for on-demand sales.

This will allow local producers to better manage orders, reduce waste and reduce excess stock, according to a company statement.

Shein’s objective is to make Brazil a more modern center for textile production and exports to Latin America. For this, the Chinese company intends to establish partnerships with 2,000 local manufacturers.

Shein’s expectation is that, by the end of 2026, around 85% of its sales will be local, both from manufacturers and sellers.

(Source: UOL)