SC Vouga is the new iGPSPORT distributor in Portugal

As a distributor of components for bicycles and motorcycles and repair parts for Águeda, Sociedade Comercial do Vouga (SC Vouga) was appointed as the new national distributor in Portugal of iGPSPORT. From the 1st of December, 2022, SC Vouga will distribute the entire iGPSPORT GPS range in Portugal.

Founded in Wuhan in September 2012, iGPSPORT is a cutting-edge technology company that develops hardware and data services for sports and is one of the largest manufacturers of cycling products and technologies worldwide. The company has launched bicycle GPS, heart rate sensors, speed sensors and software services such as the iGPSPORT APP and cloud platform for data analysis.

iGPSPORT is present in over 30 countries, from Asia to the Americas and Europe, and its products and services are used by over 1 million people worldwide.