São Toméan enterprises urged to exhibit merchandise in China

Chinese Ambassador to São Tomé and Príncipe Xu Yingzhen has called for São Toméan enterprises to exhibit at events in China such as the China International Import Expo.

The Chinese Embassy in São Tomé issued a written statement quoting Ms Xu as saying so in a meeting with Rafael Branco, the head of the São Toméan trade and investment promotion agency.

Ms Xu told Mr Branco that they should work together to encourage São Toméan enterprises to export more of their specialties to China, and to avail of the function of Macao as an economic and trade cooperation platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.

Mr Branco told Ms Xu that his agency would work on increasing Sino-São Toméan cooperation in the sectors of infrastructure and fishing, and would promote exports to China of São Toméan coffee, cocoa, pepper and other farm produce, according to the Chinese Embassy statement.