São Tomé e Príncipe and China sign cooperation agreement for hospital assistance

On the 2nd of December, São Tomé e Príncipe and China signed a cooperation agreement for assistance between San Tomean largest hospital, Ayres Meneses and China’s Sichuan hospital, which aims at training the health staff, announced the ambassador Xu Yingzhen and the minister of Health, Célsio Junqueira.

In a press statement, Xu Yingzhen said China’s Sichuan hospital, a first-rate hospital in China, would help train San Tomean staff in anaesthesia and intensive care. Xu Yingzhen added that China will continue sending anti-malaria expert teams in the future.

Minister Célsio Junqueira said that the agreement is very important because the country has one of the biggest difficulties in secondary and tertiary care, intensive care, operations and anaesthesia, at this moment the country only has one anaesthetist working, so the training is crucial to the future development.

(Source: STP-Press)