São Paulo State Legislative Assembly announces the Day of Chinese Immigration in São Paulo

On 10th of August, the seminar for Celebration and Announcement of the “Day of Chinese Culture and Immigration in São Paulo State” was held at the Franco Montoro Auditorium in the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo State (ALESP). Organized by the office of state representative Campos Machado, the meeting is the result of the approval of Law No. 17,115 on 18th of July, 2019, which established the date to be celebrated annually on 1st of October.

Nationally, the Chinese Immigration Day in Brazil is celebrated on 15th of August, but in São Paulo state, which has the largest concentration of this population, the celebration will coincide with the National Day of the People’s Republic of China, also on 1st of October.

The meeting organized by the state representative, Campos Machado, gathered leaders of the associations of the Chinese community in São Paulo, the former president of the Brazilian Bar Association, Marcos da Costa and the municipal secretary of tourism, Vicente Rosolia, who represents the mayor of São Paulo.