Rules set for exports of fresh pears from China to Brazil

The Chinese customs service announced on Monday the plant health requirements for fresh pears that China will begin exporting to Brazil, the Asia Fruit website reports.

The website, citing a written announcement issued by the Chinese General Administration of Customs, says the orchards that grow the pears and the facilities that pack them must be inspected and registered by the customs service, and that the findings of the inspections must be sent to Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply at least 30 days before the fruit is exported.

The report says the orchards must be managed according to standards set jointly by the Chinese and Brazilian authorities, and that their produce must be traceable.

The customs service also announced rules for the storage of fresh pears China exports to Brazil, at temperatures ranging between 0 and 2°C and separate from other types of fruits exported to other markets, the Asia Fruit website says.