Rio Grande do Norte’s experience in water desalination with Chinese technology could be replicated in Amapá of Brazil

On the 7th of July, the governor of Amapá, Clécio Luís, visited the water desalination system with Chinese technology in João Câmara, Rio Grande do Norte, in Brazil.

Six months ago, the people of the three indigenous communities located in João Câmara began to have a supply of drinking water due to the implementation of the water desalination system that uses Chinese technology.

The complex was built by the Chinese state-owned company State Grid in partnership with the CPFL Energia group in the Serrote de São Bento community, which allows desalination of 80,000 liters of water per day. The structure is composed of an intelligent water supply system and a solar energy system that makes the project energy self-sustainable.

The experience of Rio Grande do Norte has already become a reference for Brazil and can be replicated in the state of Amapá, which is experiencing similar dilemmas.

(Source: Saiba Mais)