Ringway manager welcomes new, easier way to export to Brazil

Ringway Deputy General Manager Zhang Chunhong believes newly simplified customs procedures will make the process of exporting Ringway musical instruments from China to Brazil more predictable, Xinhua reports.

For 15 years Ringway has been exporting to Brazil the instruments it makes in the eastern Chinese city of Changzhou, and last year its sales were worth over 13 million yuan (about US$2 million), the Chinese government-run news agency says.

Separately, the General Administration of Customs of China announced in writing that the Sino-Brazilian agreement providing for the simplification referred to by Xinhua came into effect last week.

The accord reduces the likelihood of exports from one country being inspected by customs on arrival in the other, and provides for the appointment of an official to help smooth the flow of Brazilian exports into China, the announcement says.

The accord was signed when Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Brazil in 2019.