Rice harvest on CR20 farm in Mozambique hits 10,000 tonnes

The Mozambican subsidiary of Chinese state-owned China Railway 20 Bureau Group Corp. (CR20) has harvested 10,000 tonnes of rice from its Xai-Xai farm in southern Mozambique, taking the fourth crop of the season, the website says.

The farm expects to harvest 16,000 tonnes of rice in all from 2,400 hectares, despite disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report carried by the Chinese website last week.

The report says the rice harvested helped ensue Mozambicans had enough to eat, by meeting demand that had been hard to satisfy because of the constriction of supply due to the pandemic making transport difficult.

The farm has post-harvest facilities for processing rice, raises livestock, grows vegetables in greenhouses and has a brewery, the report says.

The farm has created jobs for Mozambican farm workers and raised their incomes, the website says.