Redentora hosts a meeting of the Brazil-China Health Forum on the 10th of July

The Municipality of Redentora, together with the Brazil-China Health Forum and the Small Farmers Movement (MPA), will promote it on July 10 at the Auditorium of the Municipal Health Secretariat.

The meeting had the online participation of the president of the Brazil-China Health Forum, Patrícia Zhao, and addressed the theme “Brazil-China: back to the present”. On the agenda are subjects such as exchange between Brazil and China, prospects for relations and partnerships between the Municipality of Redentora and the Celeiro Region with the Brazil-China Health Forum, the holding of the International Phytotherapy Fair in the Guarita Indigenous Land, in May 2024, and protocol of intentions.

One of the objectives of the participating company, which was discussed at the Forum, is to create, on Brazilian soil, the first Brazil-China Digital Hospital, bringing together Western and Chinese techniques. This hospital model aims to speed up the diagnosis using technology in addition to making treatment more accessible, reducing costs for governments and the private sector, and reducing hospitalizations, etc. (Source: Planeta FM)