Q1 exports by Macao to lusophone world double to US$36,500

Official data indicate that the value of merchandise exports by Macao to the Portuguese-speaking world grew to 291,400 patacas (about US$36,500) in the first quarter of this year, more than twice the value a year earlier.

Figures published by the Macao Statistics and Census Service last week show that all first-quarter exports were domestic exports, as opposed to re-exports.

One batch of 1.1 tonnes of clothes and accessories was sold to Brazil for 227,000 patacas.

The figures show Macao imported merchandise worth 162.9 million patacas from the lusophone world in the first quarter, Brazil being the source of 104.3 million patacas worth.

Trade with the lusophone world accounted for 0.49 per cent of all first-quarter trade by Macao, the Statistics and Census Service figures show.