Progress in the relationship between Brazil and China is discussed at a press meeting at the Chinese consulate in Rio

“Brazil and China are two major developing nations with global impact. Both are also comprehensive strategic partners that have common interests and assume broad responsibilities on the international stage,” said Tian Min, Consul General of China in Rio de Janeiro, while opening the meeting with Brazilian journalists.

“Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1974, cooperation between the two countries has become a model for other nations and regions. In the face of an increasingly complex international situation, Sino-Brazilian relations remain stable, understanding between countries continues to advance, as well as mutual cultural knowledge,” added Tian Min.

Consul Tian Min also stressed that, in the face of growing global challenges, China and Brazil will make greater contributions to promoting common, inclusive and mutually beneficial development and modernization. “In the field of environmental protection and climate change, financing, collaboration to promote sustainable agriculture and technological development are points where Brazil and China have ample space for cooperation”.

(Source: Hora do Povo)