Portuguese university seeks new co-operation and exchanges with Macao institutions

Representatives from the Portuguese higher education institution Católica Global School of Law (CGSL) are in Macao with a view to establishing partnerships with universities, Jornal Tribuna de Macau reports.

The newspaper quotes CGSL director Luís Barreto Xavier as saying the faculty has established exchanges with facilities around the world and wants to do the same in with Macao, where the delegation has met groups including former students and lawyers.

“[Macao] is an access platform to the Mainland market and is the starting point for us to develop a relationship not only with institutions in Macao but also in Mainland China,” Mr Xavier was quoted as saying.

He said discussions had covered the possibility of creating new ties with Macao institutions, of furthering the exchanges between students and teachers and establishing new programmes.

CGSL is part of Universidade Católica Portuguesa.