Portuguese students participate in the Huawei program

In mid-September, two dozen Portuguese students, from 13 different universities in the country, participated in Huawei’s flagship program focused on knowledge and innovation.

During a week, 10 boys and 10 girls from Lisbon, Setúbal, Porto, Aveiro, Viseu, Madeira, Castelo Branco, Azores, Coimbra and Santarém had access to a set of initiatives that aim to introduce them to the reality of ICT and give them additional knowledge for their academic training. The virtual visits, debates and even mentorships with international experts in the areas of technology, leadership, and career and industry trends stand out.

In Portugal since 2015, Seeds For The Future has already allowed around 80 Portuguese students to get to know the world of technology up close. This program was launched internationally in 2008 and has so far reached more than 12,000 students globally.