Portuguese nationals account for 0.3t% of Macau’s population

According to the final findings of the 2021 Census revealed last Tuesday, the people born in Portugal accounted for 0.3% of Macau’s total population in August of last year.

According to the report, 2,213 people in Macau were born in Portugal in August 2021, compared to 1,835 in 2011. This is 0.3% of the overall population of Macao, which was 682,070 in August 2011.

According to the results of the 2021 Census, the area has 8,991 people of Portuguese nationality (+3,971) and 13,021 persons of Portuguese origin (+4,915), accounting for 1.9% of the total population.

However, according to official statistics supplied to Lusa by the authorities, more than 1,600 persons with Portuguese passports have fled Macao in the previous two years, and foreigners, including Portuguese, have been prevented from entering the region since the outbreak began of COVID-19.