Portuguese grower aiming to sell table grapes in China

China is among the countries where southern Portuguese grower of grapes for the table Vale da Rosa is interested in selling more of its produce, the Fresh Plaza website reports.

The website quotes Vale da Rosa General Manager Joaquim Praxedes as saying his company is also interested in selling more grapes in Britain, France, the Netherlands and Poland.

Mr Praxedes said that, in anticipation of greater demand abroad, Vale da Rosa was changing the way it packaged its grapes.

He said his company was increasingly growing seedless grapes as the tastes of consumers changed, and that it now grew at least 10 varieties of seedless grape and was considering growing even more.

Favourable weather has increased the Vale da Rosa harvest by between 15 percent and 20 percent this year, Fresh Plaza quotes Mr Praxedes as saying, but without giving the amount of the harvest.