Portuguese biotechnology company wants to launch a supplement made with Chinese medicine for Parkinson’s in Europe

Tecnophage, a biotechnology company from Portugal, wants to launch in Europe this year a supplement aimed at Parkinson’s disease, based on research by the University of Macau on alpinia oxyphylla, a fruit used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Tecnophage’s executive director, Miguel Garcia, told Lusa that the biotechnology company is in the last stages of the molecule’s toxicity tests,which should be concluded in the first quarter.

Since 2014, Technophage had a collaboration agreement with Simon Lee Ming Yuen’s laboratory at the University of Macau.Tests have shown that it can reduce memory loss and movement control, symptoms of neurocognitive degeneration caused not only by Parkinson’s disease but also by Alzheimer’s disease, told Lusa Simon Lee.

(Source: Jornal de Negócios)