Portugal wants to strengthen cooperation in the energy sector with China

The ocean economy, renewable energy and health sciences are the three main areas in which Portugal wants to cooperate more with China. The strategy was outlined by António Costa Silva, Portugal’s Economy Minister, at a dinner to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the New Silk Road Friends Association.

In the area of renewable energy, the focus seems to be on the construction of lithium batteries. “The Ministry of Economy has talked to several Chinese companies and we will try to materialize a large project in the area of batteries, as China has one of the best technologies in the world in this area”, António Costa Silva said.

“We also believe that it is possible to increase cooperation with China in the area of health sciences. It is necessary that countries prepare for the next pandemics. Our population over the age of 65 has one or more diseases,” he explained.

Finally, António Costa Silva mentioned the ocean economy. “We want to develop a grand cooperation with China to link the development of the ocean economy to the fight against the climate threat. “

(Source: Today Macau)