Port of Luanda soliciting bidders to run passenger terminals

The managers of the Port of Luanda say they have begun the process of auctioning concessions to run its passenger terminals at Kapossoca, Mussulo, Museu da Escravatura and Macôco, all of which are in the Angolan capital. 

The managers announced in writing that would-be bidders in Angola or abroad have until September 22 to apply to join in the auction. The concessions shall last 10 years, according to the tender documents.

One concession is to run the Kapossoca and Mussulo terminals, which require some redevelopment, including work on the facilities and the access to them, the managers say.

They say the other concession is to run the Museu da Escravatura and Macôco terminals, which will also need some work done on them.

The concessionaires must meet Angolan government standards for sustainable development, the Port of Luanda managers say.