Pontoon finds partnership with Chinese to accelerate business

Created in 2017, the Brazilian cleantech Pontoon found in partnership with Chinese manufacturers and engineering companies a route to accelerate the renewable energy generation business in Brazil.

For generation, the focus is on large-scale solar power plants, with three photovoltaic complexes currently in the pipeline.

One of them is a 500 MWp park in Ceará, whose sale towas completed to Power China. Construction began in May of this year and operation is scheduled for 2025. Power China is one of the largest construction companies in the Asian country and the complex in Ceará is its largest solar energy project in the Americas.

“When they look at solar energy, it is a way to sell panels and inverters directly, moving this sector in China. At the same time, Chinese construction companies enter and start to gain market share as well”, says Marcos Severine, CEO of Pontoon.

(Source: Epbr)